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Crime in Bulgaria News Index
Woman Kills 3 Youngsters in Car Crash, Left behind Bars
Woman Kills 3 Youngsters in Car Crash, Left behind Bars

Bulgaria's court decided Thursday to leave behind bars the 36-year-old Zhivka Ilieva, who caused a hellish crash under the influence of alcohol, killing 3 youngsters near the town of Pernik few days ago.

The woman will be charged with causing death after imprudence and faces up to ten years in prison.

The defending lawyers announced they are going to appeal the penalty imposed as she confessed her guilt. Besides she was suffering from neurasthenia and was recently looking after her seriously ill mother.

Meanwhile, teachers and classmates of the three victims - Alexandra Nenova,19, Sofia Ruseva, 19 and Svetoslav Yonev, 23 - staged a vigil in the yard of the school, the youngsters studied at.

The Chairman of the Municipal Council in Pernik Dobri Mitrev arranged a meeting with the local police director, at which the authorities' strengthened control on the roads, was disscussed.

"The law is good enough but the problem is that it is not being enforced," Mitrev said.

Zhivka Ilieva caused the hellish accident after loosing control over her car, it flied over a metal fence on the road and fall on the top of another vehicle, which was moving in the other lane.

As a result of the clash three of the passengers in the pressed car died on spot. The fourth person in the vehicle was injured but his life is not in danger.

The 16-year-old son of the drunk woman, who was travelling on the seat next to his mother, had his arm broken and slight injuries throughout his body.

After the police check there was found the woman had 2,88 promiles of blood alcohol at the time of the accident.
Ex-Sofia Heating Utility Head Accused of Currency Frauds
Ex-Sofia Heating Utility Head Accused of Currency Frauds

A bill of indictment against the former head of Sofia heating utility Valentin Dimitrov entered the district court on Friday, charging him of currency frauds worth EUR 4 M.

Dimitrov is accused of failing to declare at Bulgaria's central bank his bank accounts in Austria. If found guilty he faces six years in prison, confiscation of his property and the money in the accounts.

The former head of Sofia heating utility has also been charged with money laundering and embezzlement but no bills of indictment have been prepared yet.

Valentin Dimitrov was released on BGN 20 000 bail on June 1 after spending one year behind bars on charges of mass money laundering and embezzlement.

He was arrested after the Toplofikatsiya heating utility that he headed was found in tatters and had to file for bankruptcy.
Bulgaria's Nationalist MP May Be Stripped of Immunity over Drink-Drive
Bulgaria's Nationalist MP May Be Stripped of Immunity over Drink-Drive

Bulgaria's senior prosecutor has demanded that a nationalist MP be stripped of immunity after he was caught driving drunk.

Boris Velchev approached parliament to launch the procedure, which envisages a fourteen-day period during which the targeted Borislav Noev may officially agree to have his immunity stripped. Should he refuse to do so, the decision will be put to the vote in the parliamentary hall.

Senior prosecutor Boris Velchev reacted to an ordinance of the district prosecutor in the town of Devnya over an accident involving Borislav Noev.

Noev, member of the parliamentary group of nationalist Ataka party, was involved in a car accident on the main highway Hemus after he sat behind the wheel with almost 2 promiles of blood alcohol.

Borislav Noev lost control over the vehicle as he went over the speed limit near Povelyanovo junction.

The car, involved in the accident, was a property of the nationalist party municipal coordinator in Varna Tsveta Georgieva, Darik News reported.

When the local police officers arrived at the spot, the drunk driver phoned his girlfriend - a party's coordinator in the town of Provadia - and asked her to "fix the problem with the police".
Mafia Links Claims Levied at Bulgaria's Interior, Foreign Envoys Alerted
Mafia Links Claims Levied at Bulgaria's Interior, Foreign Envoys Alerted

An anonymous letter has been sent to the embassies of the US, Russia and all EU member states in Sofia, containing discrediting questions about alleged links of Interior Minister Rumen Petkov to shady figures from the underworld.

The letter demands that Minister Petkov face the music over allegations that he has received EUR 400,00 from the notorious mobster brothers, Krassimir and Nikolay Marinov, and met secretly in Vienna Mladen Mihalev, aka Madzho, a prominent underworld figure that was secured recently an unprecedented security measures during a court appearance.

The letter also alleges that Minister Petkov purchased a BGN 90,000 flat in the heart of Sofia and a huge property in the luxurious suburb of Boyana. Petkov is also held responsible for the release of a suspect in SAPARD embezzlement case and the purchase of a EUR 7 M building by his deputy Kamen Petkov.

The discrediting letter was sent to the embassies on July 11.

Minister Rumen Petkov vehemently denied the allegations, calling them a squib.

"Everything in this anonymous squib is written in a well-known style. The goal is that the discrediting allegations make their way to the foreign media, but that did not happen," Minister Petkov commented for 24 Hours daily.

"It is absurd to link my name to that of Krassimir and Nikolay Marinov and Mladen Mihalev. I know some of the authors of this letter and feel sorry I didn't tell the truth about them when I had the chance," he added.

In an interview for Trud Dialy, the other most widely circulated newspaper in Bulgaria, Minister Petkov denied rumours he has the habit of drinking alcohol at his workplace and complained he has not been taking a single day off since ten years.

Reports suspect that the letter might have been written by the minister himself in a bid to polish his tarnished image in a simple PR manoeuvre or by circles close to Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev in a bid to weaken the minister's positions.
Bulgaria-Linked Irish Property High-Flyer Gets Clients into Court Troubles
Bulgaria-Linked Irish Property High-Flyer Gets Clients into Court Troubles

A couple who were clients of Michael Lynn, a controversial Irish solicitor and property developer with huge investments in Bulgaria, are facing a legal action by a bank.

Aer Corps officer John Mulkearns and his wife Lorna Farrell, of Iona Road, Glasnevin, Dublin, are being asked to repay loans of more than EUR 2 M which the Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank claims it was told were to clear several existing mortgages with other banks, the Irish Independent daily reported.

The loans were also needed to repay Lynn EUR 200,000 and to buy five properties in Bulgaria from Lynn's company, Kendar Holdings Ltd.

Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank claims it made a loan offer to the couple in February 2006 of some EUR 2 M and that the couple drew down the monies in March 2006.

The Bank said the mortgage loan offer was condition on a first legal charge being executed by the couple over six properties, the five already listed and a further property at 12 Griffith Drive, Glasnevin North, Dublin.

However, after seeing on November 15 last a schedule of properties in proceedings brought by the Law Society against Mr Lynn, the Bank had learned that, "wrongly and in breach of the mortgage loan agreement between the parties'', the defendants had failed to execute a first legal charge in favour of the bank over the six properties.

In light of that alleged failure, the bank claims the defendants are in breach of the mortgage loan agreement, have also failed to meet the agreed instalment repayments and are now indebted to the bank for some EUR 2,047,208, including interest.

Michael Lynn, whose arrest has been ordered by the High Court, has repeatedly failed to appear for questioning by the Law Society.

He was summoned before the High Court in Ireland at the end of October on charges that he used clients' money to purchase overseas property and draw down up to EUR 50 M in loans.

Lynn is alleged to have taken out multiple mortgages on several properties with a number of major Irish banks. His accounts have been frozen; he has been ordered to disclose a full list of his accounts and assets; and he has agreed not to practise.

Lynn's company Kendar Global Properties stepped on the Bulgarian property market earlier this year with the launch of the construction of a residential and vacation complex near the town of Razlog, close to the ski resort of Bansko.

The company announced plans for EUR 75 M of investments in apartments and real estate in Bulgaria by 2010.

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